Vasgrul The Forge

A Gargantuan Black Dragon with scales composed mostly of Refined Bloodsteel.


A Once Dormant Dragon that hibernated within Keklers fortress, supposedly waiting to be awaken at Keklers beckon for war.

Level: 20 Total XP: Nil

Strength: 30 | Plus 25
Constitution: 1000| Plus 50
Dexterity: 43 | Plus 15
Intelligence: 70 | Plus 25
Wisdom: 100 | Plus 20
Charisma: 20 | Plus 15

Max HP: 500
Surge Value: 250
Surges/day: 3

AC Total: 50
Fortitude: 500
Reflex: 21
Will: 50

Attack Bonus: +25
Atk bonus R Hand:
Atk bonus L Hand:

Weapon Damage:
DragonBreath: 2D20 Magical Acid
Blood-Steel Claws: 4D8+2

Racial Features:
Blood Steel Scales: Only can be harmed by Blood Steel Blades or by Crushing Damage.

Class Features/Skills:

Languages Known:
Common, Draconic, Orc, Goblin, Gnoll.

Known Skills:
Flight- Take to the skies!

Heart of Blood-Steel
100 Thousand gold
1550 Blood Steel Plates.

Vasgrul The Forge

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