Riches of Ardania

[OOC Announcement] This Saturday 7am AEST, Purging the Syndicate, no rosters or Scheduled parties, stock up on potions.

Eradicating The Syndicate

All Adventurers are ordered by the direct command of the King of Korhal to storm the verified location of the Criminal Syndicate operating in Korhal. Royal Guards will be administered into the district to purge the city of the criminal filth that has been plaguing it, executions will be commonplace, the King is not taking any leniency towards crime during this day. If the adventurers fail to bring down the Syndicate the Royal Guard will level the whole block around the building.

~~Signed Korhal NightWatch Commander Hurshes

Potions will be sold at the Marxist Hostel for 15 gold a pot. A special deal to compliment the upcoming event.



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