Korhal.pngKorhal is refugee’s city located in the north-eastern province of Ardania, comprised of seven districts. It is home to a bustling merchant’s center, fed by trade from across the desert to it’s south, and is also a large religious hot spot. The occupants of this city have no collective morality or sense of community to speak of, they will not look out for you, or for each other. Despite from the mutual feeling of self preservation within the city, the Korhal Royal Guard and [insert nightwatch] manage to keep order in the city.


Hurshes Corner

Since the Purging of the Syndicate this once slummish district was renamed and re-purposed into a secondary housing residence.

The Marxist Hostel

The marxist hostel is the front end of a communist commune, where like minded individuals try to live in a self sustaining manner within the walls of Korhal. They rent out the extra rooms to weary travelers for next to nothing.

Residential Block

The residential block is home to Korhal’s middle class, merchants, shopkeeps, and skilled laborers for instance. This section of Korhal is patrolled by the Korhal Nightwatch[insert wikilink], there are patrols of Korhal Royal Guard.

Noble District

This is home to Korhal’s finest, those who have made a fortune for themselves, usually some of the largest merchants in the north region, although all the goods they deal in may not be as noble as their clothes. The Noble District is patrolled regularly by the Korhal Royal Guard, making a robbery attempt unwise.

Merchant’s District

This is the epicenter of Korhal’s culture and economy. The merchant’s district is a bustling hot spot of stores, restaurants, pubs, and inns for almost anything one might need, from food to weaponry to entertainment. Some of the larger shops and trading floors might have hired security to add onto that Korhal Royal Guard patrol this district with great density of force.

Religious District

The Religious district is home to a smattering of temples and churches for the various religions of Ardania, due to the fact that Korhal is a refugee center. Each religion has it’s own religious artifacts, but also has it’s own paladin’s clan within the city, meaning that a heist would be hard to pull off.

Demoglio Hold

The center of Korhal is a large defensible Castle, home to the Royalty and government. It is guarded 24/7 by a large contingent of Korhal Royal Guard, making break-ins suicidal.

Military District

Breaking into this district would be equally suicidal to breaking into Demoglio Hold. This is were Royal Guardsmen, eat, sleep, train, and generally hang out. The entire district, a seventh of the city, is dedicated to 24/7 military activity. DO NOT FUCK AROUND HERE.

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