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  • Korhal

    h1. Overview [[File:419931 | class=media-item-align-left | 300x200px | Korhal.png]]Korhal is refugee's city located in the north-eastern province of Ardania, comprised of seven districts. It is home to a bustling merchant's center, fed by trade from …

  • CockHeads Retreat

    This helpful location was commisioned by [[:cockhead | "Cockhead"]] on behalf of the Farmers guild to provide refuge to adventurers and refugees. It is located in the Market district and is situated in the Farmers Guild Basement in [[Korhal | Korhal]] …

  • Korhal Royal Guard

    The Royal Guard for Korhal, trained with the intention of the protection of the Kings well-being, also the first to respond to district riots. Trained to only use lethal weapons if necessary, otherwise will administer beatings with their blackjacks or …

  • Mario Yubleschka

    The leader of the communist movement and the owner of the Marxist Hostel establishment in Korhal. His past is mysterious but his aura is similar to that of the Meme Masters, and after investigation it can be discovered that he is a former Meme Master.

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