Tag: City


  • Enoi

    An Asian cultured Civilization, 60% of its population is enslaved foreigners or captured refugees, the main seat of power goes to the Oni's who have skillfully enslaved almost every humanoid that lives within the region and tricked them into working for …

  • Nesursa

    A very large tree-house city that houses billions of Wood Elves, surrounding the colossal ancient tree branches off smaller child trees which the main populace live in. Nesursa acts as the Wood Elf Capital, deep within the dense woodlands of Eastern …

  • Toejsk

    A massive Elven Fortified City build into the deepest parts of the forest, this fortress appears to be on the far South Eastern woodlands of Ardania [[File:423898 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x300px | To8AtN2.jpg]]