Riches of Ardania

[IC Announcement] The Branches March

As Korhal finally regained its strength from the fall of the Criminal Syndicate a concerning event had reached word to Korhal. Soon enough the King would address the people of Korhal, it became apparent that the Wood Elves of Nesursa had taken enough of the Onis presence in Ardania and The March of The Wild has been announced.

Eventually an Oni envoy from Enoi reached Korhal publicly requesting that the King assist them in the war against the wood-elve scum. This plee didn’t take long to reach Keklers ears who had sent his own envoy of The Black Order to Korhal to join the diplomatic discussion insisting the King take up the Oni’ offer.

The already proclaimed crusading Elven order known as The Branches That Bite had already begun besieging one of the Oni’ outer Fortresses. All Adventurers, Nobles and even Kekler himself will be requested to make a poll on whether or not Korhal should side with the Oni, or remain neutral.

The King of Korhal will be influenced by the final decisions made by this Poll.


[IC Announcement] The Fall of The Syndicate.

As the flames of the Slum District die down it became apparent that the lowered activity of criminals was due to the fact that Gin Sin Rin Sun Onau Unao Had been killed. The streets became rivers of blood and filth as during day it became a blood bath between the Korhal Royal Guard and the criminals that plagued the district.

It didn’t take long for the Syndicate to fall after Gins demise, soon enough every criminal, scumbag and smuggler had been caught and executed on the spot. Barely anyone making it out alive as the Royal Guard proved the night to be a nightmare for all dark-minded residents of the district. The Kings demands had been met and now the criminals fear the authorities more than the demons of Enoi themselves.


Soon enough the next morning the King had shown himself to the populace, a man once holed up inside his fortress now exposing himself to the populace of Korhal. He would announce that the patrolling of Royal Guards shall happen in all the districts of Korhal and that the newly purged District shall be named District Hurshes after the deceased NightWatch Commander who led the charge.

[OOC Announcement] Second part of Syndicate Event this weekend

The second part of the Purging the Syndicate event is this weekend, available to host Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I need to know your available days and times so we can re-assemble everyone in an organised fashion.

[OOC Announcement] This Saturday 7am AEST, Purging the Syndicate, no rosters or Scheduled parties, stock up on potions.

Eradicating The Syndicate

All Adventurers are ordered by the direct command of the King of Korhal to storm the verified location of the Criminal Syndicate operating in Korhal. Royal Guards will be administered into the district to purge the city of the criminal filth that has been plaguing it, executions will be commonplace, the King is not taking any leniency towards crime during this day. If the adventurers fail to bring down the Syndicate the Royal Guard will level the whole block around the building.

~~Signed Korhal NightWatch Commander Hurshes

Potions will be sold at the Marxist Hostel for 15 gold a pot. A special deal to compliment the upcoming event.

Riches of Ardania Session Log Version Two Vayes Party
The second Session for Vayes Party

Starting this session “Scales”, Durante Dawnbreaker and Cunthar The Expander would meet up with Vaye Falentine in the merchant district. Vaye would explain to them that the Nightwatch Commander has given her party the task of defeating a criminal Syndicate, while discussing this a new adventurer had landed on the shores of Barbarian Beach and somehow teleported to the party using a strange magical ring that allowed him to seek out adventuring parties. He would announce himself as Joel Cumin.

After this introduction the party would come to the conclusion that they were not prepared to fight this criminal syndicate let alone try and find out where it is, they would need to get stronger and obtain better gear to tackle this task. Scales would wander off into the slums district stopped by Vaye who told him to get the fuck back in the party, Cunthar would suggest to the party that partaking in a hunt would be the best way to become stronger. Vaye seconded this and took the party to a questboard where they took the task of eliminating a foreign Owlbear that had been killing off refugees and overkilling native wild-life in the area.

The party set out to find this beast and would search the woods, finding a pack of boars Durante would attempt to communicate with them asking directions for the Owlbear lair. The boars would not respond so Scales, Cunthar and Joel would begin to butcher them one-by-one, once finished Cunthar skinned and butchered the corpses infront of the surviving boar demanding directions to the lair. The boar would finally answer gesturing to Durante where the lair is and would run off.

Being outside the lair which appeared to be a ditch covered in overgrowth that led into a cave the party would discuss ways to defeat the Owlbear, Vaye would use her nature skills to identify that tracks into the cave meant that there were at-least 4 owl bears including a dire one and two cubs. Cunthar would take to fashioning a makeshift spike trap from animal bones that were lying all outside the cave while Joel would climb the nearest tree and await with his sharpened stones.

The party would take up positions after Durante would make a quick teleport to town and back and would throw a flaming stick into the cave to try and drive the owlbears out. Eventually one owlbear would come out immediately scales would jump down and miss, landing on Durante as Joel would peg one of his stones and vaye would shoot an arrow, blinding the owlbear. Soon enough the other owlbears would come out and a deadly battle would ensue, Joel attempting a backflip off the tree would bludgeon his ass cheeks landing on a stone and Durante accidentily concussing Scales after he missed the bear and got his hatchet wedged in Durantes shoulder.

Eventually Vaye would dive forward and with a swift skilled move would slice the owlbears up with tremendous skill. After this Durante buffed the party applying his aids to them and they would sit outside and wait for the Dire owlbear to come out, after an hour of tossing the mutilated remains of its brethren into the cave and attempting to anger it Vaye would summon her fey panther and send it in. Within a minute the panther would be tossed out of the cave headless.

The party eventually decided to head in, bending around the entrance and entering a large chamber that was lit by holes in the walls. The dire owlbear would be sitting upon a large pile of corpses, expecting them with a deadly magical necklace around its neck. Suddenly its eyes would glow purple as it would raise the dead corpses, Durante would smile ready to fight the evil he would activate an Aura that would prevent the undead from getting close to him, Cunther and Vaye would follow behind as they charged the owlbear. Meanwhile Scales would throw his hatchet landing it right in the owlbears chest, in response the horde of undead would swarm Scales, tearing him apart as his lifeless corpse would fall to the stone floor of the cave. Joel Cumin seeing this would leg it to the nearest pillar supporting the cave and would climb it being followed by the horde.

A fight would ensue as the owlbear and three members would exchange blows while the undead would claw and grab at Joel as he continually pegged his sharpened rocks at the Owlbear attempting to assist the party.

After some time Joel would aim for the embedded hatchet in the Owlbear, throwing a sharpened stone as it would glide across the cave landing directly onto the embedded hatchets handle causing the hatchet to be shoved into the bear and explode out through the other end instantly killing it.

Cunther would continually to punch the bear in a blind rage as he felt sadness for Scales death. The part would go to what the bear was protecting, a lockbox with a perfect cut amethyst inside as-well as some gold. On the walls could be seen crude carvings that were unidentifiable.

The necklace would be nowhere as it vanished infront of Duntares eyes while he held it, the party would bury Scales and rest the night in the cave as a sinister presence plagued all their minds. As the party set off in the morning they noticed Scales grave was empty and his corpse gone, with this troubling fact to daunt them they set off back to the city to find sell their loot and browse merchants wares.

Meanwhile Titu was interrogating some helpless citizens in the slums regarding the whereabouts of the Syndicate Organization. Instead he found a note regarding an underground wrestling competition that was upcoming and he knew he was destined to be in the ring.

Thanks to Deturd for the masterwork mspaint.

[OOC] Adventure Parties

Australian Eastern Standard Time. GMT +10

Cunthar’ Party

Saturday- Full day Session.
Cunthar The Expander
Durante Dawnbreaker
Vaye Falentine

Carnda’ Party
Sunday- Welcoming New Characters Session
Carnda Bearcharger
Jighs “Dumpling”, probably not coming.
JP Morgan
PJ Morgan
Sven Talikhson
Joel Cumin

Friday: Fill in day (Incase people can’t be here on Saturday or Sunday I will do small sessions for them)

Make sure to discuss who will be where, I need to know who can come to what, we may end up having to swap party members around due to people unable to show up.

Riches of Ardanian Sessions Log Version One Vayes Party.
Just general nit bits.

Vaye Falentine would stand at the beach noticing multiple ripped figures approaching on rafts, they would reach the beach. for a good 20 minutes no discussion would happen and they would stare at each-others rippling hot muscles, after this trance was broken they would move onward to the hobbit village.

Halfway there they would encounter a drow, after some speculation it was assumed that it was a drow cultist from a necromancer coven. After given the good to go Cunther would smash her face in half and kill her in a single blow, eventually the party would fight over the 40 gold pieces on the corpse, Titu the Half-orc would then triple somersault onto the corpse kicking Pearce and Scales in the forehead and eat all 40 coins on the corpse.

After some continued fighting the party would reach the village, the mayor hobbit would inform Vaye that all their tools and gold had been stolen by a dragon rider. He would also inform them of a resistance movement in the village that was stopped by the Kobold guards who executed one of them.

A brutal battle would ensue after Cunthar would enthrall the villages with his rippling muscles, and then Pearce would demand a sacrifice and Durante would have to step in to stop the issue. Eventually Titu would get mad at Cunthar trying to hold him down and would german suplex him and break his neck, Cunthar would flop like a fish somehow causing his neck to pop back into a fixed position. After some more conflict Durante would eventually control the situation and shout out easing the hostile minds of everyone with his charismatic mood.

After some discussion and explanation of party expectations the party would choose to rest and take turns watching Titu, Scales and Pearce.

In the morning they head off on their journey and encounter a bear, engaging in a vicious battle where two of the party members would latch onto its face and Scales would stab it with his hatchet. Vaye would then see an opportunity to cut the bear in half as Cunthar would roll on the ground after stubbing his toe on a stone. After the bear was split Cunthar would skin it and they would rest the night.

Upon reaching the city of Korhal, Pearce would immediately start to loot a house for an apple as Titu would assist in his thieving rampage as they went on to steal from a jewelers shop in the merchant district. Pearce would try to sell the jeweler his own merchandise so the merchant would attempt to call for guards, however Titu would falcon punch him across the face, knocking him unconscious. Durante would attempt to stop them from stealing but they would make off with the good, legging it. Durante would give up and just go to the Religion District.

After some time Durante would start an arguement with a paladin causing him to call brothers to arms. Durante would turn into the wolf and then teleport away starting a massive district riot. Pearce and Scales would wonder in getting knocked unconscious and jailed together while Vaye would accept a job from the nightwatch Commander, meanwhile Cunther searches for general stores to sell and buy stuff but fails as he lacks gold, meanwhile Scales and Pearce engage in acting like they’re killing each-other to be released but they get released anyway because they were in for the day.

Cunthar managed to meet up with Scales and smoke the meat he harvested from the bear.

(Going to try and dumb down these logs since this was only a 3 hours session)


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