A Half-orc with hot rippling muscles.


Level: 2 Total XP: 100

Strength: 24 | Plus 6
Constitution: 19 | Plus 4
Dexterity: 16 | Plus 3
Intelligence: 0 | Minus 5
Wisdom: 9 | Minus 1
Charisma: 1 | Minus 4

Max HP: 9
Surge Value:3
Surges/day: 3

AC Total: 10
Fortitude: 9
Reflex: 8
Will: 4

Attack Bonus:
Atk bonus R Hand: 1
Atk bonus L Hand: 1

Weapon Damage:
R Hand: Spiked Gauntlet 1d4
L Hand: Spiked Gauntlet 1d4

Racial Features:
DarkVision: Up to 60ft

Class Features/Skills:
Nil, Be creative in battle.

Languages Known:
Common, Orc, Gnoll

Known Skills:

Right Hand:Spiked Gauntlet
Left Hand: Spiked Gauntlet
Armor: Leather Armor
Arms: Nil
Feet: Leather Boots
Hands: Spiked Gauntlets
Head: Nil
Neck: Nil
Ring: Nil
Ring: Nil
Waist: Leather Belt Buckle.



Titu, also known by his kinsmen “Titu da strong” was born in a Human-Orc tribe. Though being fatherless, ( His human father leaving due to finding out about his son’s misshapen face and being a retard) Titu was taken in by the Chief of the tribe to be trained as one of tribe’s strongest fighters. Titu had endured the harsh training that many legendary fighters from his tribe had to go through. Such as climbing boulders up to the highest point of the tribes hill to fighting his other kinsmen to the death. Many of these fights did brain damage to the poor green-skinned giant. Leaving him to struggle to speak out simple words. As the years went by, Titu led various raids onto the enemy tribes that surround his village. Being victorious and always returning with pride in his heart and loot in his sack. However, it was until his tribe was raided by nightfall by the Koo’-va tribe. An barbaric tribe that fought endlessly with his tribe for centuries. After Titu awoke from a harsh blow from the head, he saw his village…his people…..his family corpses in fire pits. This made Titu snap in rage. For the first time in several years, Titu yelled in cry of rage, “vengeance will bez mine!”


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