Sin Jarn Treck

A naturalistic Kobold outcast


A kobold that stands at about 2.5 feet. He’s scales are Blood red often darkened by soot and grime. He wears a bright orange cloth robe that has been ragged slightly at the bottom and his red tail has been warped in cloth. he’s reptilian feet have a small rag-like cloth tied around them and he wares what looks like a old sack on his back. Also on his back is a pickaxe with a rope attached at both ends for easy carrying. Sin is normally carrying a sake around his neck and body as something to give him slightly more attack ability.

On a ethical point of view Sin holds some characteristics of his kind, he can be sadistic with people who have attacked him or the nature that he protects and does not flinch at pain of others. He also can be called selfish and self-serving, he will not help anyone that he has no duty over unless there is something in it for him or it helps his duty’s as a druid. Sin also holds a feeling of kinship to other Kobolds even after he was exiled from the races hub and will try not to harm them if there is no reason for it. He’s feelings on elves on the other hand is somewhat difficult as from a hachling he was told to hate them. He is not openly hostile to elves but does not like been around elves, expectantly wood elves who understand how the Kobols treat their kind.

Sin also takes joy in his plotting, He likes to keep a two faced look often hiding away he’s darker side to the party. He in truth does not care about the party he is part of and will not flinch at any of their suffering or death. This dark side hidden away is also hidden away when he is intoxicated, in fact making Sin drunk changes his views a lot. When drunk Sin will be helpful and good willed, this is unlike normal is not a act put on by him. However this helpfulness only lasts while intoxicated.

Oh, he is also a slight bit of a drunk. Funny thing that happens when he found himself missing his mines, the only thing that reminds him of that life is cheep Goblin beer which tastes like liquidize boots. A Blackrock specialty.

Sin Is Neutral Evil unless drunk. When drunk Sin is Neutral good.

Level:14 Total XP:

Strength: 10 | 0
Constitution: 26 | plus 8
Dexterity: 25 | plus 8
Intelligence: 20 | plus 5
Wisdom: 17 | plus 4
Charisma: 4 | minus 3

Max HP: 13
Surge Value: 5
Surges/day: 3

AC Total: 8
Fortitude: 18
Reflex: 14
Will: 13

Attack Bonus:
Atk bonus R Hand: +10
Atk bonus L Hand:nil

Weapon Damage:
Steel Dagger (2d4)

Racial Features:
Light Sensitive: Bright lights dazzle for – 1 attack, spot and search rolls.
Darkvision: Up to 60 feet

Class Features/Skills:
Animal Companion: A druid can call on a animal as a companion. This companionship can last as long as the animals or the druids life. You can call for a new animal to replace a dead or deserved animal every 12 hours.
Nature Sense: Gains 2 on Knowledge (Nature)
Wild Empathy: Can do a Diplomacy check on animals.
Woodland stride: Can move in forests and thick shrub without slowing down.
Trackless step: Walks without making a track.
Resist Nature’s Lure: + 2 on saving throws on resist spells from frays.
Wild Shape: Can shape-shift into a animal 5 times a day. Including Large animals.
Venom immunity: Does not take damage from all poisons.
Thousand faces: Can make himself look like anyone that is between a foot taller or shorter then him.

Languages Known:
Draconic, Common, Druidic.

Known Skills:
History | INT
Religion | INT

Improved natural armor: increases base AC by 1
Deft hands: +2 on all sleight of hand and use rope checks

Right Hand: Steel dagger
Left Hand: nil
Armor: Padded leather and cloth robes
Arms: nil
Feet: Strip of ragged cloth
Hands: nil
Head: nil
Neck: nil
Ring: nil
Ring: nil
Waist: A hide wrap-belt

Bottle of Cheep Goblin beer.
Self-written notes.
Bounty note.
49725 Gold.
Some Iron Bots
Set of Bloodsteel Kobold armor
Iron Shortblade

Small- Lizard
Medium- Monitor Lizard
Large- Viper
+4 Attack bonus, 1d4 Plus poison.
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2

Huge- Bear (15)


Hached in the dark caverns under Blackrock, Sin spent most of his childhood never even seeing the surface. He was born into a working party that were also part of the “Black temple” and like most of his kind he spent most of his early life in the mines digging up ore and rock.
In this time Sin became a good miner, learning much about the underground and how the rock had formed into ores. The other thing that Sin learnt in his younger days was about the Temple and the Black dragon which the Kobolds worshiped. However in this mining life Sin always felt something was not right, something was just playing in the back of his mind that this was not the life for him. So he joined a surface portal around Blackrock to see if his life layed outside the hole which he hached in.
The first thing that Sin noticed after leaving the mine was how bright it was, been in darkness for most of his life he had never seen the sun and in that moment he was fixated on staying above ground.
He wondered the surface for days at a time, learning all he could about this “New” world. After a week he had traveled north out of the mounten and into the forests that claim much of the north side of the island. Finding a spot which held a tree within the middle of a small pond. The beauty that was shown in this place was was beyond imagination to Sin. He was under a trance he had to touch the tree in the middle of the pond. The moment his scaly claw touched the tree he became “Enlightened” by nature.
In the end he spent almost three years in the forests. He came back to Blackrock as a changed Kobold. He spoke of story’s of nature and it’s beauty beyond everything. Nothing was heard by the others, he was called mad and was banished for not following the Black Dragons temple.
Sin Jarn Treck did not understand the verdict. He was of Kobold blood ever way however he found himself shunned by his own kind. he left with a bad taste in his mouth, yet again he wondered the forests, yet not for joy, it was about survival.

About a month after the exile from his home and kin he has found himself in the slums of Korhal with his eyes looking at the bottom of a cheep goblin beer bottle. With little reason to even exist he sells his local knowledge freely as a guide when he is not drunk. He is hired by the local Nightwatch commander to try and act as a guide for a party of wide eyed adventurers. The only thing he likes about the job is the fact that is starts in a tavern.

Sin Jarn Treck

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