A Barbaric LizardFolk with rippling hot scales.


A male lizardfolk that stands at about 6’8 feet and a tail that is about 3’7 feet long. He hosts cooper brown scales all over his body and wears basic leather armor mixed with some fur and scale hides. This armor does not cover all of his body as his lower legs and right arm are rather unprotected with some other holes in his armor. Other then his armor he wears a basic sling for his battle hatchet and some pockets on his belt. He also has some scaring on his left shoulder and back. He is rather quiet and secretive to even many of his own kind. Also on a side note he likes to eat meat, any meat living or dead.

Scales is True Neutral.

Oh, he is also dead, turns out that he should of followed he’s instinct not to enter the cave. Turns out undead like the lizard flesh.

Also now he is a husk been used by a amulet. He’s body holds his understanding but he walks soullessly in the darkness under dark magic. He is a follower of Nerull now and act in a Chaotic Evil way. Even if Scales was to get rid of this power within him his soul is fragmented at best. The one thing that is keeping him “Alive” is the dark magic within the Amulet.

Meanwhile most of he’s real soul is in one of the 9 hell’s. Lovely.

After death/undeath “Scales” Is a slightly un-natural looking figure. He’s once copper scales have been faded to a pale white that contrasts with the body’s many cuts, gashes and stab wounds. He’s flesh seems to be in a lesser state of decay and his once yellow and black eyes are a dark red with slightly milky pupils that don’t dilate. He wears spider web silk over much of his body trying to cover the signs of decay from prying eyes. He gives off a feeling of uneasiness to any who look upon him and smells like a decaying body.

Level: 2 Total XP: 100

Strength: 21 | Plus 6
Constitution: 18 | Plus 4
Dexterity: 16 |Plus 3
Intelligence: 3 | Minus 3
Wisdom: 8 | Minus 1
Charisma: 11 | Plus 1

Max HP: 9
Surge Value: 3
Surges/day: 3

AC Total: 16
Fortitude: 9
Reflex: 7
Will: 4

Attack Bonus:
Atk bonus R Hand: 2
Atk bonus L Hand:

Weapon Damage:
R Hand: Iron Hatchet +2
L Hand: Empty

Racial Features:
Hold Breath: Can hold its breath under water for a large amount of time dependant on constitution.
Darkvision: Up to 60 feet

Class Features/Skills:
Fast Movement: Start first in the fight.
Illiteracy: Cannot read or write
Rage 1/day: Gains +2 to Strength and Constitution modifiers and +2 temporary max hp. Cannot use any Charisma, Intelligence or Dexterity

Languages Known:
Common, Draconic, Gnoll

Known Skills:

Right Hand: Iron Hatchet
Left Hand: Nil
Armor: Leather Armor
Arms: Nil
Feet: Leather Boots
Hands: Nil
Head: Nil
Neck: Dark Amulet of Nerull
Ring: Nil
Ring: Nil
Waist: Leather Wrap Belt

Closed mind: +2 saving throw on resisting psionic or pis-like powers.

The Kobold Sack
15 Gold


“Scales” hatched in a small tribal village. He was born to a different name then “Scales” however none of the new group he is part of knows it, and that is the way “Scales” likes it. When young he lived rather quietly with his smith father and his mother. He did not learn to read and write however he learned from his mother and father how to live and survive in an almost hostile home which they lived in. When young he got good at climbing things and basic acrobatics. He would normally clime trees around the village which were extremely large in size. There was also another interest “Scales” had, history. Without knowledge on how read or write he learnt by hearing story’s from the Elders or even searching a small temple that was left in ruin ages ago. This was always risky but soon “Scales” learnt of every trap, every hostile animal and even every golden coin within this small ruin.
Been tribal there was always risk on the village, when “Scales” came to age the village was attacked by a large force of of his own kind. Tribal warfare was never uncommon. At the end of the battle “Scales” lived. however not many others did. With nothing left “Scales” moved from Village to village looking for a reason to exist. He found himself joining a Bandit group.
Learning the ways of battle from bandits was not he’s first plan but at the time there was nothing else to do other then to become a petty thief. He helped track and attack the many traders on the road, he’s hands became bloody very quickly with him not shying away from killing. Soon the group was well off, attacks from man-hunters where unsuccessful and the group had more gold then it could spend. This was also a time when “Scales” was doing some self-searching, he quickly learnt that this life was not for him. he dug up his loot and put it in the middle of the camp, leaving.

He joins a ship heading to a distant land. He’s mind only focused on himself.

Secret history hidden away by scales

When scales was a bandit he made the unwise choice to steal from a cart carrying artifacts held by coven of lizardfolk priests. In doing this “Scales” (Not known by that name at the time) became known by the high priest of the coven. After the artifacts where found stolen “Scales” was blamed, however no matter what the high priests guards did “Scales” would always slip by. After a month the coven had a meeting, Coming up that there was need for punishment but as they could not kill him nor catch him another plain came to mind, a curse. Been one of the pinnacle’s of power within the Lizardfolk’s land they prayed to the gods for punishment on “Scales”. It was answered. “Scales” without knowing why suddenly had a un-natural lust for meat, a hunger that could not be sainted.

He found out later in more detail how this curse worked, eating old flesh did not help the hunger like fresh meat. Animal meat does not sate the lust like humanoid meat. Eating the victim alive keeps the hunger at bay better then anything else.

While he was never a fully moral man this curse has changed him slightly. He has became careless in what he does and has his mind almost always fogged by this “Hunger”.


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