Vaye Falentine

An A.N.G.E.L female. Also a ranger but that's irrelevant.


Level: 14 * Total XP:* 63650

Strength: 20 | Plus 5
Constitution: 17 | Plus 4
Dexterity: 30 | Plus 15
Intelligence: 17 | Plus 4
Wisdom: 20 | Plus 5
Charisma: 16| Plus 2

Max HP: 10
Surge Value: 3
Surges/day: 4

AC Total: 14
Fortitude: 13
Reflex: 15
Will: 10

Attack Bonus:
Atk bonus R Hand: Plus 10
Atk bonus L Hand: Plus 10

Weapon Damage:
R Hand: Ebony Katana 1d8
L Hand: Steel Gauntlet 1d6

Racial Features:
Birth Right: Blessing from Aquila/Eagles Splendour, plus 4 to all CHARISMA rolls.

Combat Skills:
Iai/Quickdraw: a swift slash moving at 2x the speed of a regular attack, +2 damage, DEX based. 2 turn cooldown.
Bloodthirst: usable in and out of combat, CHARISMA based, if performed correctly grants the player +3 to attack/speech rolls on target(s). 2x per fight, minor action.
Blackwing: can hit multiple targets or a single target multiple times , before attacking applies bloodthirst to all targets, Number of targets/hits= 1d6, damage=1d8. daily power.
Volley: fire 3 arrows at once, DEX based, 1d6 each arrow.

Class Features:
Favoured Enemy: Animal, Human, Dwarves
Track: Ability to track someone or something based on it’s footprints.
Wild Empathy: D20 to see if he/she can improve the attitude of an animal.
Combat Style: Proficiency in choice of weapons.
Animal Companion
Improved Combat Style: Better Proficiency in choice of weapons.
Woodland Stride (Ex): Starting at 7th level, a ranger may move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at his normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment.
However, thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that are enchanted or magically manipulated to impede motion still affect him.
Swift Tracker (Ex): Beginning at 8th level, a ranger can move at his normal speed while following tracks without taking the normal –5 penalty. He takes only a –10 penalty (instead of the normal –20) when moving at up to twice normal speed while tracking.
Evasion (Ex): At 9th level, a ranger can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If he makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the ranger is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless ranger does not gain the benefit of evasion.
Combat Style Mastery (Ex): At 11th level, a ranger’s aptitude in his chosen combat style (archery or two-weapon combat) improves again. If he selected archery at 2nd level, he is treated as having the Improved Precise Shot feat, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites for that feat.
If the ranger selected two-weapon combat at 2nd level, he is treated as having the Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites for that feat.
As before, the benefits of the ranger’s chosen style apply only when he wears light or no armor. He loses all benefits of his combat style when wearing medium or heavy armor.
Camouflage (Ex): A ranger of 13th level or higher can use the Hide skill in any sort of natural terrain, even if the terrain doesn’t grant cover or concealment.

Animal Companion:
Fey Panther:
Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a panther must hit with its bite attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can rake.
Pounce (Ex): If a panther charges, it can make a full attack, including two rake attacks.
Rake (Ex): Attack bonus +7 melee, damage 2d4 plus 4.
Skills: Panthers have a +4 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks. *In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth as well as in forested or dark areas, the Hide bonus improves to +8.
Link (Ex): A druid can handle her animal companion as a free action, or push it as a move action, even if she doesn’t have any ranks in the Handle Animal skill. The druid gains a +4 circumstance bonus on all wild empathy checks and Handle Animal checks made regarding an animal companion.
Share Spells (Ex): At the druid’s option, she may have any spell (but not any spell-like ability) she casts upon herself also affect her animal companion. The animal companion must be within 5 feet of her at the time of casting to receive the benefit. If the spell or effect has a duration other than instantaneous, it stops affecting the animal companion if the companion moves farther than 5 feet away and will not affect the animal again, even if it returns to the druid before the duration expires.
Additionally, the druid may cast a spell with a target of “You” on her animal companion (as a touch range spell) instead of on herself. A druid and her animal companion can share spells even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the companion’s type (animal).
Evasion (Ex): If an animal companion is subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, it takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw.
Devotion (Ex): An animal companion gains a +4 morale bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.
Multiattack: An animal companion gains Multiattack as a bonus feat if it has three or more natural attacks and does not already have that feat. If it does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with its primary natural weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty.

Class Skills:

Climb (STR), Concentration (CON), Craft (INT), Handle Animal (CHA), Heal (WIS), Hide (DEX), Jump (STR), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (INT), Knowledge (geography) (INT), Knowledge (nature) (INT), Listen (WIS), Move Silently (DEX), Profession (WIS), Ride (DEX), Search (INT), Spot (WIS), Survival (WIS), Swim (STR), Use Rope (DEX), Knowledge (Herbalism/Drugs of Ardania) (INT).

Languages Known:
Common, Sylvan, Draconic

Known Skills:
Stealth| Dexterity
Disguise| CHARISMA

Right Hand: Ebony Katana
Left Hand: Steel Gauntlet
Armor: Studded Leather
Arms: Nil
Feet: Leather Boots
Hands: Cloth Wraps
Head: Cloth Hood
Neck: Nil
Ring: Nil
Ring: Nil
Waist: Leather Buckle-strap Belt

Hunters Long-Bow
3 Sun Sticks
Dark Robes
54855 gold
Gin’s Ring
Charred Documents


Vaye as a child was discriminated against as an A.N.G.E.L for being a product of war, she grew up in a quaint village as the adopted daughter of an ex-noble who was exiled. Her father taught her many things, while being taught she showed talent for the bow and sword, although she showed promise as a scholar she had lackluster skill in the arcane arts. After her tenth birthday her father sent her to live in the city so she could study at the college and learn to be more sociable. To prevent discrimination against her, she had dyed her hair brown and wears contacts. While staying in the city she became a proficient scholar, as popularity rose she had to adapt to the attention she received, going with her fathers advice she learnt to peacefully respond to both positive and negative attention. As she attracted more attention from suitors she was directed to learn C.Q.C from an old soldier. Soon after her education was finished her father was attacked and killed by bandits, after discovering this Vaye decided to become a wanderer, she has a lawful-evil alignment, with an ‘I am the law’ attitude.

Vaye Falentine

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