Riches of Ardania

Riches of Ardanian Sessions Log Version One Vayes Party.

Just general nit bits.

Vaye Falentine would stand at the beach noticing multiple ripped figures approaching on rafts, they would reach the beach. for a good 20 minutes no discussion would happen and they would stare at each-others rippling hot muscles, after this trance was broken they would move onward to the hobbit village.

Halfway there they would encounter a drow, after some speculation it was assumed that it was a drow cultist from a necromancer coven. After given the good to go Cunther would smash her face in half and kill her in a single blow, eventually the party would fight over the 40 gold pieces on the corpse, Titu the Half-orc would then triple somersault onto the corpse kicking Pearce and Scales in the forehead and eat all 40 coins on the corpse.

After some continued fighting the party would reach the village, the mayor hobbit would inform Vaye that all their tools and gold had been stolen by a dragon rider. He would also inform them of a resistance movement in the village that was stopped by the Kobold guards who executed one of them.

A brutal battle would ensue after Cunthar would enthrall the villages with his rippling muscles, and then Pearce would demand a sacrifice and Durante would have to step in to stop the issue. Eventually Titu would get mad at Cunthar trying to hold him down and would german suplex him and break his neck, Cunthar would flop like a fish somehow causing his neck to pop back into a fixed position. After some more conflict Durante would eventually control the situation and shout out easing the hostile minds of everyone with his charismatic mood.

After some discussion and explanation of party expectations the party would choose to rest and take turns watching Titu, Scales and Pearce.

In the morning they head off on their journey and encounter a bear, engaging in a vicious battle where two of the party members would latch onto its face and Scales would stab it with his hatchet. Vaye would then see an opportunity to cut the bear in half as Cunthar would roll on the ground after stubbing his toe on a stone. After the bear was split Cunthar would skin it and they would rest the night.

Upon reaching the city of Korhal, Pearce would immediately start to loot a house for an apple as Titu would assist in his thieving rampage as they went on to steal from a jewelers shop in the merchant district. Pearce would try to sell the jeweler his own merchandise so the merchant would attempt to call for guards, however Titu would falcon punch him across the face, knocking him unconscious. Durante would attempt to stop them from stealing but they would make off with the good, legging it. Durante would give up and just go to the Religion District.

After some time Durante would start an arguement with a paladin causing him to call brothers to arms. Durante would turn into the wolf and then teleport away starting a massive district riot. Pearce and Scales would wonder in getting knocked unconscious and jailed together while Vaye would accept a job from the nightwatch Commander, meanwhile Cunther searches for general stores to sell and buy stuff but fails as he lacks gold, meanwhile Scales and Pearce engage in acting like they’re killing each-other to be released but they get released anyway because they were in for the day.

Cunthar managed to meet up with Scales and smoke the meat he harvested from the bear.

(Going to try and dumb down these logs since this was only a 3 hours session)



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