Riches of Ardania

[IC Announcement] The Fall of The Syndicate.

As the flames of the Slum District die down it became apparent that the lowered activity of criminals was due to the fact that Gin Sin Rin Sun Onau Unao Had been killed. The streets became rivers of blood and filth as during day it became a blood bath between the Korhal Royal Guard and the criminals that plagued the district.

It didn’t take long for the Syndicate to fall after Gins demise, soon enough every criminal, scumbag and smuggler had been caught and executed on the spot. Barely anyone making it out alive as the Royal Guard proved the night to be a nightmare for all dark-minded residents of the district. The Kings demands had been met and now the criminals fear the authorities more than the demons of Enoi themselves.


Soon enough the next morning the King had shown himself to the populace, a man once holed up inside his fortress now exposing himself to the populace of Korhal. He would announce that the patrolling of Royal Guards shall happen in all the districts of Korhal and that the newly purged District shall be named District Hurshes after the deceased NightWatch Commander who led the charge.



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