Riches of Ardania

[IC Announcement] The Branches March

As Korhal finally regained its strength from the fall of the Criminal Syndicate a concerning event had reached word to Korhal. Soon enough the King would address the people of Korhal, it became apparent that the Wood Elves of Nesursa had taken enough of the Onis presence in Ardania and The March of The Wild has been announced.

Eventually an Oni envoy from Enoi reached Korhal publicly requesting that the King assist them in the war against the wood-elve scum. This plee didn’t take long to reach Keklers ears who had sent his own envoy of The Black Order to Korhal to join the diplomatic discussion insisting the King take up the Oni’ offer.

The already proclaimed crusading Elven order known as The Branches That Bite had already begun besieging one of the Oni’ outer Fortresses. All Adventurers, Nobles and even Kekler himself will be requested to make a poll on whether or not Korhal should side with the Oni, or remain neutral.

The King of Korhal will be influenced by the final decisions made by this Poll.



Fuck the elves, A war booms economy, and makes for more interesting campaigns.


Keep an eye to the horizon, Master of the Black Order; mine holy blade may cross with your own soon enough.

I ask for Korhal to abstain from this war, or if it cross the mind of His Majesty, to perhaps consider assisting these Branches that Bite in their retaliation.


Amidst the political debates and racial arguments taking place at the Table of Feasts in Demoglio Hold, Cunthar the Expander would calmly set down his mutton, wipe his hands on the tablecloth, and push back his chair, standing up and mounting his warhammer upon his shoulder cinematicly, for it was his turn to present his insight on the issue at hand. “Most glorious leaders, Nobelists of Ladies and Gentlemen, and esteemed colleagues in the great art of adventure, I am honored to have been included in this most important of decisions for the great tribe of Korhal. It has come to my attention that here in the north, there is a great deal of dislike, and mistrust to the wood elves of the south. They have been labeled as savages and beasts by those who fear their power, and those who wish to harness it themselves. I have spent many a night since my arrival in this great city studying the long and complex history of this great continent of Ardania, both through the tellings of your folklore at every inn and gathering, to the pillaging of your great libraries for every nugget of knowledge, for my quest upon my arrival in this country has been for knowledge. I now wish to bestow upon those who would listen, my most humble opinion, which I hope you will weigh as an unbiased one, as I have not been raised amidst the heated tempers and hot tales of the battles of wood elves, man, and Kobold, but have entered this land with an open mind. Now I know that many of you will feel that the recent Aggression of the wood elves against the Oni’s front-most defenses is a good enough reason to, as some might phrase it ‘finally rid Ardania of the scourge that is the wood-elf ’infection’ of our lands,’ but I implore that you open your minds and listen. In the Enlightenment of my tribe in my own home country, we discovered that war only bred more war, and violence only brought greater bloodshed, never a solution. And in my readings of this great land, I have seen time and time again since the inception of each great empire of Ardania, an endless crusade against the wood-elves for the sake of their most valuable resource. The very lifeblood of their race is split for the creation of the tools of war, in a vicious downwards cycle of violence, and over the years, as history is most often told by the victors, shallow moral excuses labeling the wood elves as savage, despite their position of equally advanced tools of war in their defense. Throughout the years, the wood elves have slowly been pushed further and further back in Ardania, until now, when they have finally gone on the offensive. Now, I know that I have been longwinded in my speach, but with this most important preamble out of the way, I would make a proposal. I do not think that Korhal should join the Oni, and likley the kobolds of this land in a war of extermination, for an ending of ones entire culture and people is the highest crime a people can commit. But alas, do not panic, for I am not implying we should do nothing to defend the borders of man against the elves. Instead I suggest that Korhal send reinforcements to the Oni strongholds along the borders, and reinforce their defences, but DO NOT ATTACK! Instead, I suggest that, after pushing back the elven offensive, we offer them a symbol of peace, in the form of a party of delegates belonging to neither the Korhal Government, nor’ the Oni empire’s. Instead, send a party of kind hearted adventurers into the land of the Wood elves with the gifts of peace from the people of the north, and allow them to try and persuade the elves of the south to meet for a conference of peace. Let the land of Ardania finally tear down it’s walls of segregation and hate, share the knowledge that has long been kept secret for the purposes of war, and use it to fuel the engine of peace in this great land!” With this final proclamation, Cunthar would raise his hammer skywards for emphasis, then bow his thanks for the audience of those attending the feast, and seat himself, returning to his mutton.

TLDR: Make peace not war. genocide is a no-no.


Sin stands up in the mess that is the political debate, yelling and letting his voice be heard “I am not a political man, in fact I have no clue why I was let in but one thing I know more then the forests is my race. The Kobolds in the Black Order, Even in a whole are not able to stand against the now overwhelming army’s of the Wood Elves. I, a outcast of the black order do not think even with the bloodstreel that the Kobolds wear will be able to stop the Wood Elves let alone taking their tree fortresses to the south. However the order is not what we are speaking of, it is the protection of this CITY. Korthal even neutral will be in the middle of this war, the city itself will be in the middle of this battlefield, the Wood elves must pass this place to gain way the the best tracks up to Blackrock. The Order will need to use land around this city to move their own army’s to the battlefront. This leaves the question. Do you want to be neutral just to be in the middle of it all anyway?”


joel cumin rips a fatty at the back of the hall


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