Riches of Ardania, mainly for a few friends to fuck around and do generally stupid shit in DnD.

The original Adventurers arrived to this continent on a boat, however they instead found themselves delving into a nearby crypt, usurping a hobbit village, fending off invading paladins from offshore and allying with a large order of Kobolds in the vicinity of the village.

Basically new players will find themselves either arriving on shore from foreign land or setting out on adventure after reaching adulthood in their Ardanian lives. The ones who arrive by shore may not necessarily even start in the same location or interact with the main group at all, thus allowing separate parties altering the history of the continent. As the GM I do take up offers for 1-2 man sessions, but I implore you and the other party member you wish to have me hold the session for plan beforehand on what you might want to do As these small sessions can be a great way to catch up on your character in the campaign or just go do something else as opposed to being bound to a party all the time.

This campaign will be free-roam on an open world therefore PCs will only have to follow linear story-lines if they choose to. This also means not every character must be at the session to make an impact, the sessions will be done over Skype and may range from 1 hour sessions to a full day session.

This campaign is created off of an edited 3.5e and while the focus is the hobbit village, nothing stops a single PC from adventuring off on his own due to the way it is set out.